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PTools is an opensource molecular docking library that relies on a Python/C++ object-oriented implementation. The PTools library has been designed in order to perform assembly tasks in an efficient way and to ease further developments.

PTools has been developped by Adrien Saladin, with the collaboration of Pierre Poulain, Sébastien Fiorrucci, Chantal Prévost and Martin Zacharias

PTools is a common project of:

PTools is the scaffold of the ATTRACT docking program originally developped by M. Zacharias (Protein Science 2003, 12:1271).

If you use PTools, please cite:

PTools: an opensource molecular docking library
A. Saladin, S. Fiorucci, P. Poulain, C. Prévost and M. Zacharias,
BMC Structural Biology 2009, 9:27.
The article is available as open access here

This webpage is mirrored from http://www.ibpc.fr/chantal/www/ptools/

The webpage, files and wiki are hosted on SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ptoolsdocking/
Source code is hosted in Launchpad: http://launchpad.net/ptools

Download: documentation and source code